10 Amazing Facts about women

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Whenever there is a competition about man and woman most of the people support a woman, which I don’t know why. But there are certain things which can be done only by a male but nobody can deny the value of a woman. It is a woman who manages everything for a man. So for sure, there are things which can be performed only by a woman. Today we will talk about some amazing facts about a woman which you have never heard about. I am not saying that these amazing facts can be applied to every woman. It’s just a research and assumptions.

1) What to dress?


Woman spend almost one year of their entire life by deciding what to wear and what not. The reason behind this is that they want to look pretty and is very sensitive about their dressing style. They can’t compromise on their look and dressing.

2) Mirror: Tell who is the prettiest woman in the universe?


This is another amazing fact that most of the women spend almost 2 years of their entire life by watching mirror to judge his beauty, dress, and style. The reason is same they just can’t compromise n their beauty, look and dressing. Sometimes they just hours to judge different parts of the body or trying different clothes to see which one is better to wear.

3) Please don’t cry


Most of the woman cry almost 30 – 60 times a year (Damn) in one year. Honestly, this was a shocking news for me. The reason behind this fact is, they are very sensitive about everything. They care so much and they have a soft heart (soft hear han! Need some more research on this point). Men cry almost 6-17 times in a year which very much low as compared to women.

4) How many colors are there?


According to a research women can observe or you can say that women can see more colors than men. This is not some kind of superpower but yeah this something which is in the nature of women that they can see more colors than man.

5) I love gossips


Women speak almost 20 thousand words per day while men speak almost 7 thousand words per day which is too low as compared to women. No reason that’s why women love to talk with their friends.

6) Lipstick (Yummy)


Almost 2 – 4 kg lipstick is consumed by a woman through entire life. It is also possible that they have swallowed that lipstick without even knowing.

7) Heart Beat Of a woman


It is observed that heart of woman beat naturally faster than men and that is the reason they are afraid most of the things especially cockroach.

8) Multitasking


A woman can do more work than a man. They can work simultaneously. So naturally, they have the ability of multitasking. That’s the reason they manage all the work and can make a home like a heaven.

9) Taste

Women tongue have the ability of taste more than a man and that is the reason they are very good at cooking.

10) Bad Dreams

bad dream

According to a research, women have more bad dreams than man. This is because they think much more about different things and create imagination in their mind.




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