Salman Khan 20 unknown Facts

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Salman Khan 20 unknown Facts


Salman Khan a very well known Bollywood star. He needs no introduction. He is known as Bhai Jan in all over the world. His style, charisma, the look is so dashing that every girl wants him and love him. It is a fact that every movie of Salman Khan become popular just because of him. He has become a brand. Whatever he does become a style. But besides all these things and popularity there are certain difficulties and darkness which most of the people are unaware. Today we will talk about some facts about Salman Khan which is almost unknown

Facts about Salman Khan

  • Salman khan real name is Abdul Rashid Salman Khan.
  • Salman Khan has studied up to 12th He started college for a degree but soon he lefts the college and joined the film industry.
  • Salman Khan wants as a writer and director from the very start of his carrier.
  • He worked as an Assistant Director in “Falak” movie.
  • Salman first movie name is “Biwi ho tau Aisi”.
  • He got his role in “Biwi ho tau Aisi ” by chance. He was in search of a job in Bollywood to make some money. J.K Bahari who was the director of the movies has a role for a young boy and by chance, no one came for the audition of that role. When he saw Salman Khan he immediately signed Salman Khan for that role.
  • Salman Khan never used his father name for his career. Even though many director and producer suggested him to do so. But he refused by saying that he wants success or failure by his own name.
  • Salman khan loved gym from his teenage. But he never told this to his father because his father didn’t want him to make body instead of study.
  • Bazigar movie was first offered to Salman Khan
  • Sangita Bajrani was the first Girlfriend of Salman Khan. It is said that even cards were also published for the wedding. But due to some issued they had to cancel the wedding.
  • After break up with Aishwarya Ray, there were many sensationalized rumors about Salman Khan. But there is one fact that Salman Khan started crying all night in front of Aishwarya Ray home.
  • Salman Khan always wears a blue color bracelet which was given to him by his father in 2002. At that age, he was going through many hardship and difficulties.
  • Salman Khan loves painting. Most of his painting was bought by famous Star Amir Khan. Jai ho poster was also painted by Salman Khan.
  • Ek Tha Tiger” movies was first offered to Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan. But he refused to work in the movie. After that Katrina suggested Salman Khan for this role.
  • Salman Khan still lives in a 3 room flat in Bandra. Salman Khan thinks that this house is very lucky for him. He signed many famous movies under the roof of this house and he never wants to leave this home.
  • Salman Khan is the first actor whose four movies has made more than 300 crores on box office.
  • Salman Khan has Deviated Nasal Septum due to which his nose most of the time remain close. That why he avoid running scene in the movies.
  • Salman Khan is also a writer. Some movies like Chandra Mukhi, veer and Baghi is written by Salman Khan.
  • Chak de India” movie was first offered to Salman Khan.
  • Salman khan runs the biggest charity by the name of “Being Human”.

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